All prices quoted are in Euro / €.

The rental price stated under “Prices” is the rental price per. week.

Booking, Payment & Deposit

Upon receipt of an order (completed form which can be found under “Booking” / “Reservation”), confirmation will be sent via e-mail. 30% of the rental amount is paid no later than 5 days after the confirmation is received. This deposit also serves as a deposit until the rental period is over. The total rental amount is then paid no later than 4 weeks before the first rental day. In case of non-payment or late payment, the reservation will be canceled and the deposit will not be refunded. All bookings received later than 8 weeks before arrival are paid the full amount and deposit 25% no later than 5 days after receipt of confirmation. Cancellation of reservation must be made no later than 8 weeks before the first rental day. If the cancellation is received later, the deposit will not be refunded.
In addition, a Security Deposit of EURO3000 is payable to cover any damage to the property, extra consumption, etc. which is payable no later than 1 week before arrival. The security deposit is refundable no later than 1 week after the last holiday. When ordering, please use the account for repayment in the rental contract.

NB! Of course, we make sure to make our guests aware in good time when timely payment is to be made.

Arrival Departure

The rental period is always from Saturday to Saturday. The house undergoes a major cleaning and check every Saturday from 09.30 – 16.00.

Arrival: Kl. 16.00

Check: 09.30

Departure: Kl. 10.00


Weekly cleaning is mandatory and performed by our own staff. Cleaning is set off against the deposit and amounts to € 300 per person. week.

Free Wi-Fi

The password for the wireless network is handed out by our hostess Annette on arrival at the house.

Towels & bed linen

2 pcs. towels per. person, bed linen, tea towels, bath mats, etc. are included in the rental price


Use of pool

Under no circumstances should you jump off or hang in the railing around the pool. This also applies to the handrail that leads down into the pool.

Smoking, animals and number of persons

Smoking is only allowed outdoors. Dog & cat allowed. The house may be used by max. 10 people.


All waste MUST be delivered in the waste containers set up for the area. Approx. 75 meters down the road on the right side when coming from the house, by the path leading up to Baou, stand 2 garbage containers. Note that waste is sorted in France so that kitchen waste must be in one container and empty packaging in another.

Damaged effects

Should the accident occur and effects in and around the house are destroyed, these will be repurchased by our own staff. Damaged effects can NOT be replaced by the tenant. The replacement price is deducted from the deposit. In cases where the replacement price of any effects exceeds the deposit, a separate invoice will be sent.

In daily life

The location of the interior (furniture, art, pots, dishes, etc.) must not be changed. Sunbeds of course excepted.

Only plastic cups may be used in the pool area. These are on the shelf under the kitchen table.

The toilets must NOT be used as a waste bin for bandages, nappies, etc.

Towels must NOT be hung to dry on the iron railing around the pool.

Umbrellas fold when leaving the pool area (sudden gusts of wind occur)

The mattress for the sala, towels etc. are taken in at night and in case of rain.

Cookware such as pots, pans, pans. etc. are cleaned EVERY time these are used.

In general, we also recommend using the villa with care. Every little detail in the house is carefully planned and purchased so that our guests get a good overall experience.

In general

The lease agreement is regulated by and interpreted in accordance with Danish law (not international choice of law rules). Any dispute pursuant to the lease agreement or its interpretation shall be settled by the City Court in Elsinore as the first instance.