St. Jeannet Contacts



You can manage your food purchases in 3 places.

The first and absolutely most romantic place is of course down in the St. Jeannet by. You take a basket over your arm and walk for 7 minutes, then you are in an adorable little town, which in addition to the grocery store, a baker and a butcher houses a pharmacy, a post office, a hairdresser, a jeweler, a kiosk, a grocery store, one more bakery, two galleries, three hotels, six restaurants and three pubs / cafés.

Just after the entrance to the city you come after Place St. Barb to the “main street” which narrows one in so that only small cars can pass 1 at a time. Only the real locals who “dare” drive here! Here lies the grocery store that has pretty much everything. If you can not just see it in the store, ask as they have a warehouse with all sorts of things in the adjoining rooms. Next door is one of the city’s 2 bakers, and then Trastour, which in itself is an experience. Among other things, Trastour’s pâté de Campagne is legendary.

The second option is to grab the car and drive 3 minutes down the mountain to the first roundabout, one can see the place from the house located Marche U, an excellent supermarket with its own butcher. Next to Marche U is a petrol station, a bakery, a bank and two restaurants / cafés.

A third option is to drive towards Carros, cross the Var River and drive towards Nice Airport. This whole stretch offers a myriad of great shopping places. They are all located on your left hand side of the road. Carrefour is one of those giant supermarkets that has pretty much everything. This huge place offers an ocean of the most delicious food, they have their own bakery, a huge butcher / cheese department, a green department, a fantastic fish market and much, much more… ..but it requires nerves of steel, because there is real many people and you can get a little stressed!

We have also gathered a number of practical information that can be useful before, during and after a holiday visit.

Doctors in St. Jeannet:

Doctor Serfati, +33 (0) 492110307

Doctor Rousset +33 (0) 493249488


Saint Jean Hospital, +33 (0) 492135333

Hospital Arnaud Tzanck, +33 (0) 492273333

General emergency numbers:

– Medical Assistance / Samu 15

– Biluheld & ildebrand / Pompiers 18

– Police 17

– The general European emergency number 112 is used for mobile phones

Taxa (Carros) +33 (0) 6 21 06 03 19

Nice Airport +33 (0) 4 898 898 28

Nespresso Club 0800 – 55 52 53